Customized Project Development Process

Patriot Construction Services is a team player in the project development process. We believe by getting to know our clients and their needs, we can deliver a higher quality product and fulfill their vision.

Patriot Construction Services

Patriot Construction Services’s Process:

  • Conception
  • Financing
  • Pre-Construction & Design
  • Construction
  • Post Construction & Closeout


Early engagement matters. With our 30 years of expertise, being part of conception as a member of the team, Patriot Construction Services helps our clients assemble their vision and goals and produce their desired results. Patriot Construction Services is prepared to find a property that will meet our client’s needs, build on an existing property, or help the owner envision their existing facility remodeled.


Patriot Construction Services brings vast experience working through the financial process, whether partnering with a client-preferred or Patriot Construction Services-recommended financial institution. Patriot Construction Services also specializes in the Small Business Association (SBA) process.

Pre-Construction & Design:

The team is key. Patriot Construction Services brings all critical team members together to facilitate the development of the owner’s vision. The owner, Architect, Consultants, and Patriot Construction Services come together to create alignment and fully understand the client’s vision. Timelines, budgeting, and cost estimating can then start. Through understanding the owner's needs, value engineering options can also be discussed. This step ensures that Owner, Architect, Consultants, and Patriot Construction Services are all working together toward the same end goal.


Patriot Construction Services provides management, including onsite coordination and supervision specific to the project needs. Patriot Construction Services believes that keeping the schedule updated through ongoing coordination among subcontractors is key to a successful construction phase. During this phase, Patriot Construction Services strongly encourages weekly meetings, conference calls, or onsite meetings among the Owner, Architect, Consultants, and Patriot Construction Services. This is important in keeping all parties informed and seeing the onsite progress. Patriot Construction Services leverages advanced technology and software to provide the most up-to-date communication and coordination possible for the project.

Construction Closeout:

Patriot Construction Services remains your partner. Upon successful completion of the owner’s vision, Patriot Construction Services will complete the project’s final pay request and documents, which will ensure an easy and quick project closeout. The owner will be given an operating manual and warranty binder for their records.